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Let’s shatter systemic barriers in the Location-Based Experience

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So, what's the plan?

We've formulated a thoughtful strategy with some of the brightest minds in the industry. We intend to partner with already established organizations and fill in the gaps where needed.

Phase 1

Shatter Systemic Barriers

We will educate individuals and organizations about the importance of IDEA. You can take the first step now by creating your own

Act Now Toolkit. If you would like Big Break Foundation to conduct an IDEA Workshop click here.

Phase 2

Amplify and Assist

Once we've made headway to create a more inclusive industry-shaping ways to tell stories, we'll focus our efforts on helping existing talent and those who aspire to be in the industry grow.

Phase 3

Sincere Outreach

Partnering with schools, associations, and organizations for outreach initiatives to marginalized communities who rarely have a seat at the table. We have a long-term commitment to ensure these individuals know about our industry to explore career opportunities.

IDEA Workshops

Think IDEA is a good idea?

Make IDEA a part of your business strategy! 

Beginning Summer 2021, we will be launching the Big Break IDEA Leadership Workshop. Our workshop is designed to learn the importance of IDEA, address the Location-Based Experience Industry's unique needs, and help businesses succeed.


to learn more.  

What We Offer

  • Actionable IDEA best practices for your workplace and Location-Based Experiences.

  • Multi-Day, Instructor-led, and customized interactive content to fit your schedule.

  • A strategic planning session to develop long term inclusion strategies

Our Approach

  • Metrics & Science - We take an evidence-based, data-driven approach to implementing IDEA in the workplace, in visitor experiences, and beyond.

  • Customization - Our workshops are tailored to your individual company needs

  • Accountability & Follow-up - We know you're committed, and we are too! We provide long-term business support for sustainable results.

Workshops Full

We need your support today!

Join Big Break Foundation as we break down barriers to access within our industry.


With your help, we can create industry-specific resources and programs to achieve equity for all. Change begins one action at a time, let’s do the work together.

Become an Ambassador

As an Ambassador volunteer, you will help amplify and advocate our purpose through mission presentations, education programs, and events.  We will provide you with training, tools, and resources to make the most significant impact!

Join Our Committee

Done with the talk and want to put in the time to do the work? We are looking for volunteers to join our committee, do the work and partner with individuals, companies, and organizations to reshape the industry.

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