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Bias Interrupters: For Experience Creators

How are you interrupting unconscious biases at work?

We all have biases (yes, even IDEA practitioners). They’re a natural part of how our brains process and sort information, and may not necessarily reflect our conscious values and beliefs. 

As experience creators, how can we challenge our unconscious biases so that our designs and stories are inclusive? 

Here are some bias “interrupters” to try:

  • Whose perspective is missing from our development process? 

  • How do our identities influence and/or inform our designs/stories?

  • What assumptions are we making about the people who will interact with this experience?

  • Who will benefit the most from this design? Who will benefit the least? 

We won’t always have the right answers, but we can build in checkpoints into our processes that help us challenge our assumptions and create space for conscious and deliberate thought.

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