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Launching IDEA in 7 Steps

Looking to build IDEA into your business but not sure where to start? Here are 7 key steps on your organization’s journey to inclusion, equity and accessibility.

  1. Align: Identify how IDEA supports and advances your organization's specific mission, vision, values and goals.

  2. Assess: Evaluate your policies, processes and practices to understand where your organization currently stands.

  3. Define: Based on the data reviewed, pinpoint key organizational roadblocks (e.g., high turnover) IDEA can address. Purposefully leverage IDEA as a solution.

  4. Strategize: Implementing IDEA requires a business approach. Embed it into your organizational strategy for lasting and sustainable results.

  5. Communicate: Share your IDEA goals and strategies. Transparency is key, so communicate openly and regularly, and actively solicit input from your people.

  6. Act: Take consistent action. What you do as an organization and how you do it should reflect what you say.

  7. Measure: Track IDEA metrics and KPIs as you would any other workplace initiative. Assess desired progress against actual progress, and adjust as needed.

BBF_Launching IDEA in 7 Steps_2023
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