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We are a group of passionate Location-Based Experience Professionals working together to fight for equity, and the inclusion of marginalized storytellers, creators and operators.


We believe our experiences will improve exponentially when every voice has an opportunity to participate and tell their stories, when the experiences are accessible to all, and when our audiences are being authentically reflected and welcomed into our experiences.


Guiding Principles

unapologetically in the fight to eliminate systemic barriers.

collaboratively one another's differences in a safe environment.

authentically on the work of established and emerging organizations, and the voices of marginalized communities.

tactfully on the importance of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility initiatives.

We ...





Who we are...

Chuck Fawcett


Animatronics, interactive characters, and costumes, oh my! In the words of life influencer Jim Henson, “My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.” After 30 years in the industry, Chuck is doing just that with his commitment to Animax Designs, the Themed Entertainment Association, and now the Big Break Foundation. It all began with a frog for Chuck, and overnight, his enthusiasm ignited for themed entertainment, transforming his childhood basement into an imaginative puppet workshop! From that humble basement lair to building a state-of-the-art workshop in Tennessee, Chuck has received accolades, honors, and Emmy Awards in his time, but all take a back seat to his most critical titles as Husband and Father to four incredible children. Continually pushing the limits, Chuck utilizes his lifetime of knowledge, stories, and experience to help people find their big break to reshape our industry and ensure an equitable future for all.

Patrick Kling


Self-Proclaimed K'Nex Connoisseur, Patrick has been a lifelong theme park enthusiast. Uninterested in spelling bees or joining the football team, California native Patrick spent his time building replica roller coasters and weekends with family & friends enjoying Southern California and the plethora of Entertainment offerings. Water Parks, the Theater, theme parks, and more, Patrick knew where he wanted to be and positioned himself amongst the starting ranks as a Disneyland Cast Member. Moving to Florida, Patrick not only rose in experiences and titles, holding positions in roles at SeaWorld, ITEC Entertainment, and Nickelodeon but, more importantly, met the love of his life. Whether networking, serving as Vice President on the TEA Eastern Division Board, or launching Themed Experience TV, Patrick has always led with love and is striving for inclusion. Through the Klingaverse (copyright pending), Patrick uses his network to connect people from all walks of life to shed light on the barriers existing in our industry and creating solutions with the Big Break Foundation.


Monai Rooney

Executive Director

Curious-natured, challenger of societal “norms” and Captain of Big Break Foundation, Monai has a determination to change human rights scope. With incredible titles, as unofficial brunch queen and fairy godaunt, her talents were evident at a young age as the Carnival Cruise Line Hula Hoop Champion and blossomed in her multitude of roles, over a decade, at Give Kids The World Village. An entertainer, wanting to bring joy to others, purposely or comedically with her clumsiness, Monai made a couple of turns working at Gaylord Palms and Playa Largo Resort & Spa when she received a punch of a revelation to return to being a professional do-gooder. When she received the call to come aboard & Captain the ship of Big Break Foundation, her whole heart squealed “YES”! 

Chris Wilson

Executive Council

Chris lives, works, and plays at the intersection of technology, storytelling, art, science, and the built environment. His diverse body of work spans across disciplines, mediums, and time zones. Chris has created hundreds of experiences across the globe for museums, theater, film, television, corporate environments, special events, and theme parks. He is passionate about Inclusive Design and believes that truly great experiences have no weak links. He believes that talent is ubiquitous, but access is not, and he hopes that his work with the Big Break Foundation will help connect talent to opportunity in new, exciting, and most importantly, inclusive ways. Chris currently serves as the Director of Planning and Design for the Museum of the Obama Presidential Center.


Cynthia Sharpe

Executive Council

Cynthia dreamt of a career as a research scientist as a human geneticist – until she realized she could change the game for more people if she weren't in the lab. She's dedicated her career in themed experience to eliminating barriers, both front- and back-of-house, and ceaselessly shares her breath-of-fresh-air insight and expertise with location-based experience professionals. With a broad scope of work and experience already accomplished as co-founder of Harriett B's Daughters for diversity, equity, inclusion, and access, Cynthia is a guiding light to welcome all in our industry. She's an accomplice in everything she does as a person who uses her position and voice for those not at the table; yet. Within her role at Thinkwell, Cynthia challenges everyone to break down barriers by pushing creative limits, bringing a more inclusive approach to museums, theme parks, events, and more. We are grateful to her for being a leader in transforming the industry and advising Big Break Foundation to achieve our collective vision.

Fri Forjindam

Executive Council

Storyteller to Vibe Curator and all in between, Fri Forjindam has pushed the boundaries of what we know in Entertainment. Fri brings skill and vision with a relentless drive, cultivating an industry and a world with representation for all. All through her career, Fri Forjindam has earned impressive notoriety as a trailblazing influencer with many successful projects worldwide and award-winning experiences. Concocting remarkable experiences with her clients and team, Fri uses her innovation, creativity, and strategy to lead the charge as Co-Owner, Chief Development Officer, and Executive Creative Director at Mycotoo. With a compassionate spirit, Fri lends her talents to for-purpose organizations serving as Event Chair and Board Member for the Ryman Arts Foundation, Advisory Board Member for Harriet B’s Daughters, The One Club for Creativity “Experiential Design Jury” for ADC 100th Annual Award, and now Executive Council for Big Break Foundation.


Nicolle Figueroa Rosado

Education Program Manager

Proud plant parent and podcast enthusiast with an incurable book obsession. Nicolle spent her formative years in Puerto Rico, nurturing her love of guava fruit, fresh coconuts, and fried plantains. During college, she developed a passion for the social sciences and obtained her degree in Psychology. She then went on to create educational programs and experiences for the Orlando Science Center, and spearheaded their new Sensory-Friendly initiatives. Currently, she uses her background to manage, produce, and create compelling museum, event, and theme park experiences.Nicolle is especially excited about experiences that straddle the line between entertainment and education.

Summer Martin.png

Summer Martin

Project Specialist

Summer has always moved to the beat of her own drum. Born and raised in Los Angeles, after undergrad she relocated to Dallas. She’s an eternal learner, wife, naturally curious, loving auntie and ambitious lover of life. Summer scored successes in the commercial real estate and software/technology world but 2020 inspired her to take more leaps of faith and think outside of herself. Part of her newfound discovery includes entering the world of Location-Based/Themed Entertainment. Summer’s passion for helping make our world more inclusive stems from her personal desire of wanting to be seen and heard. It’s about embracing our differences while connecting through common bonds. She’s excited to be a part of the great work Big Break Foundation is doing to ensure a more equitable society for us all. 

Special thank you to...


Kristen Waldbieser - Logo Design

Emily Le - Marketing Specialist Launch

Dan Picard - Pre-Launch Advisor

RJ Temple - Pre-Launch Advisor

Shawn McCoy - Pre-Launch Advisor

Sina Bahram - Pre-Launch Advisor

Kile Ozier - Launch Executive Council

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Are you ready to join us in our mission to shatter systemic barriers in the Location-Based Experience Industry? 

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