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Equitable Community Co-Creation

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Nicolle Figueroa Rosado (she/her)

Manager, Education & Strategy


June 12, 2024

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Equitable Community Co-Creation

What is Co-Creation?

Co-creation in the Location-Based Experience industry involves collaborating with community stakeholders and experience-experts (i.e., people who develop expertise through their unique lived experiences navigating the challenges of their physical and/or social environment) to shape the design and development process. By bringing together participants with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, typically in facilitated workshops, designers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of what an experience should encompass.

This collaborative approach ensures that the final experience is more inclusive, accessible, and aligned with the needs of all visitors. Importantly, applying this practice also ensures that visitors who have been historically marginilized or underrepresented in our experiences feel welcome and able to fully participate.

Interested in learning more about co-creation? Check out the following resources:

Using This Worksheet

This worksheet is intended as a team planning tool prior to community-based co-creation. We recommend completing the Reflection portion first before moving on to the other columns.

Download an editable version of this worksheet via Canva.


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BBF_Equitable Community Co-Creation_Worksheet
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