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IDEA Ecosystems Model

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Nicolle Figueroa Rosado (she/her)

Manager, Education & Strategy


June 12, 2024

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IDEA Ecosystems

Our organizations do not exist in a silo, yet our IDEA strategies often overlook the broader context in which we operate. The IDEA Ecosystems model serves as a holistic planning and reflection tool, encouraging us to consider the role of our communities, external stakeholders, legislators, and beyond in shaping our workplaces.

It considers questions such as:

  • How do our external stakeholders enable our IDEA initiatives? What obstacles do they pose to our initiatives?

  • What key societal events, systems, and structures are supporting or inhibiting IDEA in our organization?

  • How is our organization responding to the local/national culture and values? How does this response align or not align with our organizational values?

Click through the slides below to learn more!

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