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Accessibility Resources


As Hollywood and Tech look to Boost Diversity, Accessibility is Finally Having Its Moment by Abrar Al-Heeti

Studios and tech giants have ramped up efforts to include people with disabilities, but the work’s just begun.

NBCUniversal Adopts Guidelines to Audition Actors with Disabilities from DiverseAbility Magazine

NBCUniversal has committed to audition actors with disabilities with each new studio production, joining the roster of organizations pledging to follow guidelines created by the Ruderman Family Foundation to make film and TV more inclusive.

Best Practices of Accessible Museum Websites by Sina Bahram

This article explores ten high-impact areas you should consider to enhance your website’s accessibility and bring it into conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Why You Might Want to Visit this Inclusive Amusement Park on Your Next Vacation by Joshua Brown

Morgan’s Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind theme park where every attraction is specially designed for “100% inclusion” of those with disabilities.

Inclusion Makes Significant Gains Throughout Amusement Industry Attractions by Tim Baldwin

In past decades parks have evolved in terms of accessibility to rides, no smoking policies throughout the park and more. A recent advancement is that of inclusion when it comes to autism disorders.


Wheelsnoheels - Gem Hubbard


Gem Hubbard has created a video playlist of 10 videos reporting on her experience with accessibility practices within the Walt Disney World Resort as someone who uses a wheelchair.